Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline were good friends. They had much in common. They toured together. They launched Willie Nelson’s career (“Pretty Paper” by Roy and “Crazy” by Patsy). They each developed brilliant vocal styles that touched the lives of millions around the world. Trinadora Rocks band (Ron Holm, Jannie Nelson, Tim Austin, and John Bishoff) brings Roy and Patsy’s Road Show to life and celebrates the wonderful legacies of Roy and Patsy. T’ Rocks self-accompanies their soaring vocal solos and tight harmonies with a remarkable range of instruments to create the lush sounds that characterized Roy and Patsy’s recordings. You’ll hear keyboards; solo, rhythm, steel, and bass guitars; harmonica; jSax; concertina; percussion; and of course heart-touching vocals. Ron and Jannie‚Äôs uncannily faithful interpretations of Roy and Patsy’s vocals will transport you to another place and time.