Sure, the title “Mob Hits” sounds silly, but truth be told, it’s a great idea for celebrating the great Italian-American music featured in many of the famous Mob movies. Many people grew up and fell in love with the vocal pop music used though out most gangster movies. As part of this show, you’ll hear hits from The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, Donnie Brasco and more, whose soundtracks all had a darkly romantic feel. Of course, the multitude of stories and legends about Sinatra, Dino and the Mob certainly play a part in this show, as we show the associations between gangsters, movies, and traditional pop, but the myths and the films are only part of the reason why the show Mob Hits is so entertaining. Nationally touring Italian band, The Vince Chiarelli Band, performs this music in a way that will appeal to listeners who whether or not they’ve seen the movies, will appreciate the terrific music that they compiled.